4 Tips To Get A German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting

german shepherd puppies 1

Are you looking for how to get a German shepherd puppy to stop biting? If so, we have put together a few tips that may help you. Read on to find out what you can do to get your German shepherd puppy to stop biting.
1. Let out a yelp during playtime, but only if your puppy has bit your finger, and then walk away from the puppy.

Do this right after it has bitten your finger or hand, but you are allowed to let your puppy to softly mouth your finger. You should play with your puppy as often as you can because the more you play with it, and the more times you yelp and walk away from it, the sooner it will learn not to apply a certain amount of pressure and eventually it will learn to not bite.

2. Distract the puppy with something else when it starts to bite, and you can use things such as a chew bone, squeaky toy or a soft toy.

As soon as your puppy bites you, you should tell them no and then give them the toy, but don’t do this all the time because you don’t want your pup to think it is getting rewarded for biting. Do this every now and then, as well as the first tip that we discussed, and eventually your puppy will know it’s not alright to bite, or it will choose to play with its toys instead of biting you.

3. Let your puppy grab your hand, and as soon as he bites you, then tell him no and say it with authority.

Do it again and again for about 10-15 minutes, and do this on a daily basis. The more you do this, the more your puppy will start to realize that it shouldn’t be biting. You can either do this trick on its own, or you can use it alongside the previous tips discussed, but the key to being successful with this tip is to be consistent and be serious when telling your puppy no.

4. Encourage your puppy to play with other puppies, but only puppies that have received all their shots and are not aggressive.

The more interaction your German shepherd pup has with other puppies, the better because they will learn very quickly that it’s not ok to bite. Just remember to keep an eye on your puppy because you don’t want him to become aggressive with other puppies and if he does nip a little bit, then tell your puppy no and be authoritative when you say it. You might be surprised at how well this tip works.

Those German shepherd puppy stop biting tips and advice should help you out, but remember some puppies may not react at all to those tips. However, if you are consistent with your training and you’re patient, then eventually your puppy should stop biting. With that said, give the above tips a try today and see how well they work for you and your puppy.